Bridge to Hope in the Valley

river scene

By focusing on restoration through relationships, we exist to unite the body of Christ to build a bridge of hope, connecting resources to anyone in need.

If the Body of Christ worked together we could

  • serve 3 nutritious meals a day to every hungry person
  • share prayer and the love of Jesus
  • share cooking, cleaning and serving
  • use the savings to assist people in need with rent or utility bills
  • connect those in need to the services that end homelessness
  • bring glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


A minimum of 6 meals are served daily to homeless, hungry and disadvantaged men, women and children in our community . Some days there are as many as 11 meals served. We are called to feed the hungry, but we are actually feeding the full. We serve so much food every day that many of the homeless don’t feel the need to change their lifestyle.

While churches and ministries have done an excellent job at meeting immediate needs, we are failing to address the root causes of homelessness and our current actions are enabling – rather than solving – the real problem.

Bridge to Hope in the Valley

We are members of various churches and ministries that have come together to end homelessness for anyone that wants to change. We believe in the importance of street ministry and sharing the gospel message to those suffering on life’s margins. We believe that we should not only feed the hungry, but we should provide access to

  • Medical, dental, vision and mental health assistance
  • clothing
  • transportation
  • employment assistance
  • shelter
  • showers and laundry service
  • love and hope


We are called to unity as the Body of Christ instead of separately as the body parts of Christ.

Already, several churches and ministry teams have joined the effort. Several have already left the water park and moved to the SafeHouse to serve breakfast and lunch.Women’s groups have begun serving meals and sharing prayer with men and women in need. Street ministry groups have begun encouraging those they know to come in and get help.God’s people are joining together to love, feed, clothe, pray and assist men and women ready to get off the streets.

If we work together, the Body of Christ can end homelessness for most and care for those hurting souls who are not ready to come indoors. God’s people are called to meet this challenge.